Phillip Tanzilo


Phillip Tanzilo is an award winning speaker, author, trainer and executive coach. He has presented speeches, workshops and seminars throughout the US and abroad. His high quality, high energy, corporate training, strategic planning, executive coaching and change management programs are well researched and delivered with an approach that inspires and transforms individuals and companies. He partners with individuals and companies to support a deliberate transformation to a culture of highly engaged leadership teams and employees — consistently raising the bar on quality, yielding higher productivity, improved employee engagement, higher employee retention and sustainable profitability.

His cutting-edge strategic planning and accelerated learning approaches were awarded the Workplace Excellence Award by the Society of Human Resources Managers (SHRM). In 2013, Phillip’s case study on transformational approaches and use of competency modeling was published in the Competency Study: The Training and Development Profession Redefined, as a standard for the profession.

Find out how Phillip’s cutting-edge approaches to corporate training, strategic planning and change management can transform your business success and profitability, contact Phillip Tanzilo today!