Highly Stressed at Work? Maximize Your Workspace

Highly stressed at work?  Never able to get ahead of the mounting work on your desk.  Losing things?  Up late wondering where that report on your desk went you had ready to deliver to your boss? SUBJECT:  The pace in the workplace is getting faster each day.  Being organized and lessens your stress load. PROBLEM:  […]

Preparing the Modern Multi-generational Workforce for Leadership Roles: Legacy Leadership

The most common trend today is preparing the workforce differently than we have for retiring Baby Boomers and Generation X. Because the modern workforce is quite different than in prior decades with multiple generations present in the workplace, we must prepare the workforce differently and grow leaders in new ways. We must create “legacy leadership.” […]

Engaged Employees Creates Happy Customers

Employee Engagement Creates Happy Customers An employee engagement strategy helps ensure that employees are committed to their organization’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organizational success, and are able at the same time to enhance their own sense of well-being. Phillip’s learning and strategic planning programs are deliberately designed and delivered to support employee engagement. […]

Performance Consulting: Coaching – a Tool for Results that Go Deep and Last Long

  Questions About Coaching Why do people hire a coach? There are several reasons organizations turn to executive coaching for their people: To develop employees with high potential. To increase the likelihood that an executive will be successful in a new role. To improve deficiencies and current job performance. What types of skills do people […]

Corporate Training: Designing Instructionally Sound Learning that Works

Corporate Training: Designing Instructionally Sound Learning that Works Applying a variety of proven industry models allows for consistency and flexibility. The ADDIE model (seen below) is a proven model as a standard for curriculum development. Other models exist like SAM and AGILE and are quite reliable and should be mentioned here as well.  The objective […]

Strategic Planning for Transformation and Profitability

WHAT IS STRATEGIC PLANNING? Create SYNERGY, AGILITY and ENGAGEMENT by having a strategic plan. It provides a springboard toward EMPOWERMENT and has a direct impact on PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITABILITY. Phillip as an outside facilitator, is skilled in the art of facilitation will help guide you through this process.  It requires tact, finesse and wisdom from […]

Procrastinate Much? Here is How to Get the Procrastination Monkey Off of Your Back.

Don’t we all procrastinate to some degree? Why do we do it? I discovered an awesome Psychology Today article about #procrastination, “Why We Procrastinate.” Is it cultural? Is it conscious? Why is telling someone to JUST USE YOUR CALENDAR (or day planner) like telling a depressed person to JUST CHEER UP? This article shares several […]

ADDING VALUE TO MEETINGS: Get Women to Contribute

I received a Harvard Business School tip a few months ago which has stuck with me for some time now.  I do a lot of work in helping organizations maximize performance of their people.  Often, leveraging diversity has been a barrier.  People often resist outside input or just fail to consider additional perspectives. I read […]

THE SECRET: Change the Channel to HAPPY-Shift Your Brain for Improved Productivity

I found this #TedTalk to be quite interesting. Changing the lens through which we view success and happiness is key. Most of us are wired, work hard to be successful, work harder to be more successful.  How long can this last before the Peter Principle kicks in for many of us. This video is among […]

Understanding Millennials

I discovered this incredible video which holds back nothing. It emphasizes a lot of the work I do for organizations that wisely realize they need outside support to address this phenomenon. Understanding the Millennials is perhaps the single most effective way to ensure organizational sustainability. They are your employees, they are your customers. I talk […]