Performance Consulting

Hitting a brick wall with your organization?  Need better results?  Often training is not the only solution to challenges organizations face.  Phillip understands business.  He will partner with you to provide a total solution which often includes other performance interventions (solutions) in addition to training.

  • Get different results:  This approach requires an understanding of business and organizational well-being.  Phillip views organizations as a living breathing being that is in a constant state of change.  Perspectives from the outside will help organizations you see your business in a new light.  Otherwise, most are destined to repeat the same behavior and achieve the same results.
  • Benefit from outside the walls of your industry:  Experienced Phillip has not only his education and credentials, but experience in over 10 industries from high tech to healthcare to hospitality to personal development in various sectors including government and military.  He has participated in large and small businesses from start-ups to well established companies.  His consultative approach provides you innovative angles and approaches that will help you see your business with a fresh lens.