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Virtual World Fashion Citations: Enclothed Cognition Offers a Teleworking Edge

Problem: Not everyone was hired to work virtually. Recent research shows clothing choices can influence what and how we think, focus, and communicate virtually and it can negatively impact individual productivity and confidence.  Many teleworkers deprioritize their clothing choices as a perk that comes with working from home. Solution: What you wear has power.  Know the audience.  […]

The New Normal for Training: Is Virtual or Remote Learning Better than Onsite Classroom Learning? (PART 1)

PART 1 Training Magazine shared, “86 percent of virtual classroom participants rated the experience just as engaging or more engaging than traditional classroom training. 100 percent of participants were highly satisfied with their training experience.”   Is this the only criteria to consider?  And, is virtual better than classroom?  The answer, it depends.  It depends on a lot. There are textbook […]

Corporate Training: Designing Instructionally Sound Learning that Works

Corporate Training: Designing Instructionally Sound Learning that Works Applying a variety of proven industry models allows for consistency and flexibility. The ADDIE model (seen below) is a proven model as a standard for curriculum development. Other models exist like SAM and AGILE and are quite reliable and should be mentioned here as well.  The objective […]

Strategic Planning for Transformation and Profitability

WHAT IS STRATEGIC PLANNING? Create SYNERGY, AGILITY and ENGAGEMENT by having a strategic plan. It provides a springboard toward EMPOWERMENT and has a direct impact on PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITABILITY. Phillip as an outside facilitator, is skilled in the art of facilitation will help guide you through this process.  It requires tact, finesse and wisdom from […]

How do people see you? Are you a TRUST BOOSTER or a TRUST BUSTER? CORPORATE TRUST Begins with YOU

When it comes to trust—How do people see you?  How do you view yourself?  Are you a trust booster or a trust buster? Today, trust is a critical element in the workplace, whether it is an email, a tweet, one-on-one, in the classroom or in a staff meeting.   I have done my share of trust […]

VOLUNTEERISM: Improving Innovation, Learning and Leadership Performance

When people are in need, my hand is often raised.  Especially, wherever I see I can contribute and make a difference.  I grew up reading super hero comic books—Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Hulk, Spiderman—you name it!  Maybe this is where it all started.  I collected them all.  I believe […]