Improve Productivity: Go Outdoors, Enjoy Nature

Organizations want their people to be more productive, but discovering innovative approaches is often challenging. Consider the Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. As an example, one innovative approach to creativity is to spend time looking at nature. Bring your group outdoors or take a personal break.

There is evidence that looking at green objects– through a window, on a walk outside, or even on a screen saver – can help improve attention and performance in the workplace.

Kaplan’s attention restoration theory (ART) implies that people recharge and concentrate better after spending time in nature, or even looking at scenes of nature. Nature captivates us effortlessly. Visually witnessing natural environments allows us replenish mentally and regain fresh perspective.

Our attention span is limited which requires  constantly tapping, to allow it to recharge.

The lesson here is to spend more time outdoors with nature. Even a moment will make all the difference.

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Adapted from:

“Gazing at Nature Makes You More Productive: An Interview with Kate Lee,” by Nicole Torres.