Understanding Millennials

I discovered this incredible video which holds back nothing. It emphasizes a lot of the work I do for organizations that wisely realize they need outside support to address this phenomenon.

Understanding the Millennials is perhaps the single most effective way to ensure organizational sustainability. They are your employees, they are your customers.

I talk about this a lot in my programs and provide strategic planning to help grow leaders and their people. This leads to sustained profits. It’s about the people. Without the people, companies cannot get the other.

These future leaders need different types of growth and nurturing. They need patience and commitment.

Boomers are retiring and there are not enough Gen X folks to fill the vacancies.

There are many factors today’s leaders need to understand and commit to addressing. These include lack of parenting (result of both parents working), dopamine highs from youth, cell phones, everyone wins, social skills…

And, like it or not, it’s the responsibility of the modern workplace to pick up the slack. These are good hard working people that need to be understood. Traditional autocratic leadership styles will need to shift at all levels to the level of the organizational culture. This often comes from the outside to shift thinking and habits.

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