THE SECRET: Change the Channel to HAPPY-Shift Your Brain for Improved Productivity

I found this #TedTalk to be quite interesting. Changing the lens through which we view success and happiness is key. Most of us are wired, work hard to be successful, work harder to be more successful.  How long can this last before the Peter Principle kicks in for many of us.

This video is among the most popular of all #TedTalks. Steve Anchor, a leading psychologist,  is brilliant, intelligent and his masterful delivery relaxes your brain as you laugh. This opens the brain to fresh ideas.

Consider the question he proposes. “We believe we should work hard in order to be happy, but could we be thinking about things backwards?” In this fast-paced and very funny video, Shawn concludes that happiness (and dopamine) makes us want to and actually become more productive.

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